Winding Down: Favorite Songs From The Past 6 Months On The Road

My travels for the year are just about over, which means its time to start wrapping things up around here. Up first: a mix of the new songs I've been digging the most over the past six months that I've been traveling. Click that 'play' button above to get started. » 9/04/14 7:00pm 9/04/14 7:00pm

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame, Three Years Ago

The last time I slept in my car was three years ago, at some travel service plaza on the Massachusetts Turnpike. It was also the first and last time I ever had a McGriddle. But let's not worry about the details - all you gotta know is that I was in Massachusetts, I slept very poorly, and you should never ever eat a… » 8/06/14 10:07pm 8/06/14 10:07pm

More Montreal Pics, If'n Yer Interested In That Sort Of Thing

For the first time in a long while, I'm all caught up with editing the photographs I've been taking while traveling. That includes the many pictures I took during my time in Montreal, the best of which can be found over at my Flickr page. Go there now - right now!! - and check out photos from Basilique Notre-Dame De… » 8/04/14 8:28pm 8/04/14 8:28pm

A Wendy's In Portland, Maine

I wrote a book a couple years back – a fictionalized summation of the restlessness I started feeling around the point when a lot of my friends started spawning and buying houses and settling into whatever career paths will take them into their sunset years, combined with a sprinkling of what it feels like to be too… » 7/10/14 11:20pm 7/10/14 11:20pm

Facade Of The Danvers State Hospital In Danvers, Massachusetts

[Or the Danvers State Insane Asylum. It's supposedly the inspiration for the Arkham Sanitarium in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Thing On The Doorstep". That's why I dropped by - a friend of mine who's a huge Lovecraft fan asked me to take a picture of it (I also got a pic of Lovecraft's grave in Providence for him the week… » 7/03/14 7:56pm 7/03/14 7:56pm